Getting into the Dark Web

What is "Dark Web", what's in there and how to get there.

Posted by Adones Pitogo on Nov 8, 2016
In the photo: Julian Assange - internet activist, founder and editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks

Deep Web and Dark Web are some of the most seemingly mysterious terms we hear in the cyber world. There’s a distinction between these two, but we’ll focus on the latter.

To give a little overview, Deep Web are pages that are not accessible by traditional search engines. These are pages that are:

  • dynamically generated (like search results from a website’s search box)
  • web pages only accessible in private networks (e.g. your company’s intranet portal)
  • or links that are only accessible by directly accessing the url in the browser (e.g. activating your account via clicking a link).

On the other hand, Dark Web is a small portion of the Deep Web. One of the most common places of the dark web is in the Tor Network). It is a network of relay servers aimed to anonymize every entity in their network. Thus, makes it one of the best places to do illegal activities that are otherwise impossible to do in the open world.

Dark web is a market and networks of people who do all sorts of not so legal stuff. These includes networks of hit men, seller of illegal drugs - ecstasy, heroin, cannabis, etc., dealer of high-powered guns and ammo, bitcoin trading markets, and many more. Basically, it’s a black market.

Lets Get Started!

To get started with the dark web, let’s start with getting into the Tor Network). There are many ways to get into the Tor Network, but we’ll use the easiest one - using the Tor Browser. Download and install it on your computer.

Tor browser is based on Firefox browser pre-configured to connect to the Tor Network by default. It will help you keep your anonimity as you surf through the dark web. Once you’re done installing the Tor browser, we can now start navigating the dark web. Yay! 😈

To start navigating the dark web, open up the Tor browser you just installed and go to these directories for a list of certain hidden services:

These directories may contain links to illegal services accessible only when connected to the Tor Network. Good luck and stay safe.

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