About Me

Software engineer, cyber security enthusiast and a wanderer.

What I Do

I am a seasoned web developer and cyber security enthusiast. I have developed various enterprise-level web applications utilizing various platforms including Rails, Node.js (which this site is built upon) and Laravel. Right now, I am very fond of javascript frameworks, specifically Angular.js which is now on it's way to version 2.0.

Aside from web development, I also play with various kinds of development tools and platforms ranging from mobile apps to game development like Ionic Framework, Unity, Cocos2D-X and Game Closure. My less prominent hobby is learning new cyber security penetration techniques. But that will be a separate story ;-)

Contributing to the opensource community is another thing I love doing. Checkout my projects on Github.

My Profession

Freelance web developer at Upwork, focusing on frontend web development (single-page applications), client-side technologies and testing frameworks.